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Instructions for Your Life



He wants to live alone

Please check it out.

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Hey, I will not Share.


A combination picture shows a street-side juggler’s pet monkey eating ice-cream on a hot day in Lahore, Pakistan May 26, 2006.(REUTERS/Mohsin Raza)

Is it true?


It is just a trick & i am sure he can not smoke. What do you say?

My Jeans Pant saved my Job!

            Have you guys ever been in a situation when you feel that there is no chance for you to survive. May be yes, May be not but two days ago me & my colleague (in photograph) were in such position that we were going to loose our job. Want to know how? Ok, i explain it to you.    

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‘Last photo’ of Diana published


            Lady Diana who was died on 31 August 1997 in a car accident in Paris & her boy friend Dodi Al Faed & the driver were also died in that accident. No body knows about the real story but some people say that the driver Henry Paul was drunk alot & accordind to some other people accident was happened due to flash light of a Photographer’s camera. But i heard some other facts which are published many times in different Newspapers & magazines. You all know the whole story but know an italian magazine has published the last photographs of Princess Diana at the time of her death and postmartem, which are not published before anywhere. According to Dodi’s father Mohammaed Al Faed all those who have published the photographs, just need money and they should shame on this.

          The “last photo” of Diana, Princess of Wales, taken moments after the car crash which killed her, has been published in an Italian magazine. The black and white picture appeared in Chi magazine under the headline: “World Exclusive: The Last Photo”, accompanying an article about a new book by French crime writer Jean-Michel Caradec’h.

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Animation Vs Animator

Macromedia      I am always in search of something new and interesting and so many times i found some awesome results. Same like that, days ago i got a forward email sent by my real close friend and when i saw that attachment which is actually an animation. I was really surprised by the mental approach of that artist who made this animation. I love flash & doing work in it.  Even though its a very small post today but i will be back with another great post till then you guys enjoy this “Master Piece”

         Click Here  Animation Vs Animator”

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