My Jeans Pant saved my Job!

            Have you guys ever been in a situation when you feel that there is no chance for you to survive. May be yes, May be not but two days ago me & my colleague (in photograph) were in such position that we were going to loose our job. Want to know how? Ok, i explain it to you.    

          Thursday it was supposed to be a halfday but in our office unfortunately we do not have. Luckily we both finished our work at 4:00 Pm (our office timings are from 9:00am to 7:00pm) so we planned to leave without informing anyone. We were really enjoying our way back to home, normally it takes 1 hour to reach our home but that day there was heavy traffic & it took almost 1 & half hour to reach there. We were happy and excited. My colleague said Good bye to me & left to his room. As i entered my room my mobile started ringing, i was thinking that my friend is calling me but i was totally shocked when i My colleaguesaw that my manager was calling me. My manager asked me to come back to office & closed the phone. As he closed the phone, my colleague called me to inform me that manager is asking both of us to come back to the office. I asked him to come near bus stop & called my manager. I asked him that at the moment we are at home & it is very hard to come back but he told me that our owner knew this & he is too much angry about your mistake, so come back soon. We were trapped & couldn’t survive our self bcoz our owner is really very rude & strict person & also he can not speak english very well. We hired a “Taxi” & we were ready to go to office but……. as i moved my body to sit inside the taxi, i heard some dangerous noise & very soon i came to know that my Jeans Pant was torned. I was already in trouble and same time another one…. i asked my colleague that i want to go to his room to change my Jeans bcoz i have pain in stomach but he denied to go to his room (his room is near to the bus stop) but i forced him badly so we went to his room and i wore his track trouser which was even short to me by length but that was better than my Jeans. My colleague said to me to not waste time but i was not in position to explain anything so i changed my “Jeans Pant” i took it in a polythene bag. So at last our journey started & just after 30minutes we were in front of our office. My colleague asked me what we willl say to Boss. I said i have an idea but you have to act a little & see what i will do. He agreed to me but when we entered in office, whole staff was so much worried about us & they told that boss has ordered to terminate both of us from our job & they forced us to go to him & apologise him & promise that you will no do it again. I was shocked & afraid after listening those comments but i knew what acctually i have to do to change the situation. I gave instructions to my colleague that as you enter to the owner’s office, smile a little & say to boss “Do you know sir what happened” & i will handle the situation. He was confused but he did the same. When he spoke those words, Boss roared’ “why did you go without my permission?” i said that i was sending faxes to the suppliers & a paper fell down out of my hand, as i bent to hold that paper my jeans tore & i went my room to change that. Boss asked me that you went to change your jeans so why did your colleague went there. I replied that i forgot my keys & he came there to give keys to me. Meanwhile i took my “Jeans Pant” out & showed him. My boss just saw that & he burst into laugh. He was laughing laughing & laughing & asked me “Who cut your ass” & again went into laugh. After a few minutes when he stopped laughing he said ” You (me) & me (my colleague) must shame.” & then he came out of his cabin & asked our company’s driver to drop us to our room. Every one was shocked that how i diverted his anger to laugh even my manager.      

               Next morning we came to our office and promised to each other that we will not do that mistake again bcoz i do not wear “Jeans pant” daily. It was a true incident of mine so you guys never ever try to leave from your office without informing your Boss but if you want to do it so try to wear tight “Jeans Pant”


2 Responses to “My Jeans Pant saved my Job!”

  1. 1 sirisha Septembro 2, 2006 je 3:45 ptm

    its really amazing………

  2. 2 Pakpics Septembro 3, 2006 je 2:57 ptm

    Thanx for your lovely comments Sirisha


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