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Plane Crash in Pakistan

PIAYesterday it was a really bad day for Pakistanies bcoz a PIA’s fokker craft was crashed just after 5 minutes while taking off in Multan. All  passengers (41)  including  plane staff (4) died at the very same time. According  to  civil aviation authorities plane was not having any fault in it but  still  we  want  to know if there was not any fault then what was the reason that Captain Hamid couldn’t control the plane and why he was not able to report anything. They didn’t get time even to think what is going to happen with them.  From the staff Airhostess Aamira Sikandar jumped befor plane crash but couldn’t save her life. Whole nation is sad their sympthies are with the suffered families at this incident and every one is praying for those who are died in the plane crash. let’s pray again for all that may ALLAH their soul rest in Heaven. (Aameen) 

 The ill-fated plane crashing near Suruj Miani yesterday had perished with 45 precious lives on board. 


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