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Pakpics reaches 200,000 views

Long Live Pakistan, originally uploaded by CreativeZee – Always Pakistan First.
Assalamo alaikum!!!

Alhamdulillah our blog Pakpics has crossed  200,000 😀 views in a time limit of 10 months. I am really thankful to all of my viewers who have contributed alot through their views & precious comments. Thanks you all of my dear friends from all parts of the world, This is you who made this dream come true. 🙂

           I would also thank to all Pakistani photographers who allowed me to show their masterpieces on my blog. This is really a great moment for all of us that we have reached this landmark. 😀

           Boys & gals I am available at Pakistani Pictures 


From my “Inbox” III

Next 10 SMS
AoA babova tanik hum sai naraj ho ka? Koi smsva nahi karet. Tipu ke mobile se he karat lo.Hum theek hain tanik apni sunavat.
Take care n Allah Hafiz
Sent by: AMRGHR 17 October 2006 11:30:32 Pakistan Time

On the happy Occasion of the EID UL FITR, I pray to Almighty Allah to bestow, Health, Happiness & prosperity on you, your family, your beloved ones & all Muslim Umah
Wish you a very Happy Eid
Eid Mabrook
Sent by: NBK 22 October 2006 17:54:53 Saudi Time

Mobile repair karne wale ko loose motion ho gay to wo doctor ko kaisay explain kare ga?
DOCTOR sahib, subah se missed calls aa rahi hai
Out going mein takleef ho rahi hai
Subah se nai nai ringtones baj rahi hain
Aur pait mein balance nahi bach raha hai
Jitna bhi recharge karo wo kharch ho jaata hai
Sent by: SNMBL1 22 October 2006 19:51:42 Pakistan Time

Eid Mubarak to 1 n all in family. May Allah accept all our fasting n good deeds. Ameen
Sent by: SMD 23 October 2006 07:32:40 Kuwait Time

Eid ki khushyan
Eid ke rang
Eid manao
Tipu & yaron ke sung
Eid Mubarak. Kya ho raha hai? Kya khaya hai, navaiy kapre pa k namaz parhnay jana. Take care & ALLAH HAFIZ
Sent by: AMRGHR 23 October 2006 09:35:47 Pakistan Time

Kuj te dunya daari rakh
Pawain pyar bazari rakh
Call te prawa tu karni koi nai
Sms te jaari rakh (kidding)
AOA. Hope f9 both of you. Me 2 f9. Khair mabrook. Thanx. TC.AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 24 October 2006 20:01:47 Pakistan Time

Fresh flowers
Special persons…
With loving
Sent by: SNMBL1 25 October 2006 14:40:34 Pakistan Time

Aapki yaad mein qalam uthai
Lia kagaz,
Tasweer aapki banai,
Socha dil se laga kar rakhain us tasvir ko
Par wo to bachon ko drane ke kaam i. DM
AOA, H r u? Me f9.
Good Luck. AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 31 October 2006 21:22:03

AOA chawlo kabhi yaad he kar lia karo. How are you both? Hopefully f9. v all r f9. Mom buhat yaad kar rahi theen. Kya ho raha hai aur kya karte rehte ho? Tipu ke sunao. If you have credit then ans karo jaldi.
Take care n ALLAH HAFIZ
Sent by: AMRGHR 8 November 2006 22:38:50 Pakistan Time

On the pages of roses…..
With the ink of moon light….
A pen of love has written…..
Only three word for you….
“U R Cool….”
Sent by: SNMBL1 26 November 2006 13:45:57 Pakistan Time

Jugnoo Ka Dastarkhwan

Eid Dish

Assalamo alaikum w.w

Umeed karta hoon k app sab theek thak hon ge aur jhoob posts lkhi hon gee lakin ek main he nikama hoon jo sab se peeche reh gaya, per phir b aaj mujhe pata chala hai ke main ne ek blogger ka record tora hai to khushi se meri ankhain beegh gain (kyun k main face wash kar raha tha). Baat ho rahi thee the record ke to khawab ne mujhe bataya k main ne post delay karne ka un ka record tora hai to main ne soch chalo record to naam ho gaya ab kuch kaam b ho jae. Finally i am back with a post through which i am going to show my sweet dish of eid, which is “Sheer Khurma”. Eid ka din ho app soye hue hon aur koi app se blanket uthay aur kahe k sawayan pakao to app samajh sakte hain ke kya haal ho sakta hai. Mere dost eid ke din mere room mein aa kar gunda gardi karne lage aur meri cheezian utha utha kar idher udhar phaink rahe the k sawayan pakao warna tumhara kamra kachre ka dher bana dein ge. Marta kya na karta, itni mushkil se bahir se sab samaan ikhata kiya aur phir sawayan tayar keen aur un ko serve keen. Before i serve them i thought i should decorate my dish & should take a picture for blogging. I took one but couldnt post it due to some personal prob. Lakin i am f9 sh9 now and posting it for you guys to have a look over it. If any one wants recipe, just let me know. I am sure you will like it coz it was really delicious & yummy yummy. Boss is calling so gotta go…………………… bye shy. Cya

Check out lilttle Video of Eid Sweet Dish

What iz Your Lucky Number?

Assalam-o-alaikum w.w

Since i gave my matric exams i feel that my lucky number is 9 coz my matric exams started on 9th March, my roll number was 69380 & after that in first year it was 19351 also i got 10000rs prize in a draw also it was 9th of the month. So nine (9) is been a lucky number of mine. You can also calculate your lucky number here from this file attached here


How Rich You are?

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Happy Birthday Aisha

😀 Happy Birthday to You 😀Aisha Khalid

😀 Happy Birthday to You 😀

My sweet innocent, gorgeous, most beautiful & lovely niece Aisha ko meri taraf se buhat buhat saalgira mubarak ho. Aaj hamari Aisha is 4 years of age & she is so much innocent & intelligent lil girl Masha ALLAH. Yesterday I called her but she went for tuitions & today when I will reach home she would be enjoying sound sleep but I wished her parents & asked them to hug her as much as they can on my behalf & wish her 4th birthday. May Allah bless her with bundles of life & health Ameen. Once again my sweet lil bhanji ko mamoon Jugnoo ke taraf se “Happy Birthday wishes”.

Geo Aisha 😀

Half Promotion?

Assalamo alaikum w.w

Yesterday it was a half lucky day for me 🙂 coz i got half promotion in my company. Now you will ask me that what is half promotion? Wait! let me tell you. Half Promotion means promotion with out increment but hopefully i will get that too very soon. I got a very nice cabin & everything is wow in it. So wish me full luck that i get complete promotion. 😀 

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