Alvida my friends!!!

Proud to be a Pakistani, originally uploaded by CreativeZee.

Assalamo Alaikum w.w
All my blogger friends finally this is time to announce my retirement from this blog because i am not finding time from my Job timings & my web desiging classes but i will keep blogging on pakpics because Pakistan First. I know mere janay se koi bara difference to nahi ho ga lakin shayad mere liya yeh bara farq ho because i will miss all of you & i will be praying for all of you so be there & whenever i will find time to catch you gus i will do that.
Another news is that i am trying to become a singer & trying hard to find time for establishment of my singing career (I am not mirasi) 😉 to phir meri mulaqat app se kisi TV channel par he ho gee 😀
Agar kisi ko meri baat buri lagi ho to forgive me for that & Alvida mere dosto

Imran Khan


7 Responses to “Alvida my friends!!!”

  1. 1 Rahul Sharma Marto 2, 2007 je 7:42 ptm

    I shall await you here!

    Please tell the URL of the PakPics Blog.

    There always are people who care but might not be able to express/show it.

    All the besttt with your singing aspirations.

    All the Best.



  2. 3 Areeb Marto 4, 2007 je 12:19 ptm

    We will surely miss u all, and I really appreciate ur efforts at Pak Pics. It is indeed a great Site !

  3. 4 Asma Marto 4, 2007 je 11:55 ptm

    Hainnnn :O

    Lolz at mirasi but why alwida … you can keep blogging once in a while , nahiin???

  4. 5 khawab Aprilo 27, 2007 je 8:47 atm

    chaloo ji choti hovi……
    where da hell u think u r going 😦 its not fair….
    *relaxz a bit after readin da singing thingy* oh k….par kon se channel par….pata nahi wo channel mera pass ho ga bi nahi
    cuz mera pas only 20 desi channels hain jo yahan available hain ya phir tum kesi gora ke channel par show up ho ga….
    dehko bata dehna take mom ko keh kar subscribe karwa lon 😛

    catch ya later ( i guess not 😥 )
    i didnt get to read u much but da comments u posted on ma blog once in a while were really sweet thx do visit me someday wheneve u get time

  5. 6 Idetrorce Decembro 15, 2007 je 10:30 ptm

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


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