Animation Vs Animator

Macromedia      I am always in search of something new and interesting and so many times i found some awesome results. Same like that, days ago i got a forward email sent by my real close friend and when i saw that attachment which is actually an animation. I was really surprised by the mental approach of that artist who made this animation. I love flash & doing work in it.  Even though its a very small post today but i will be back with another great post till then you guys enjoy this “Master Piece”

         Click Here  Animation Vs Animator”

Note: If page does not play automatically, Just right click on page and use “Play” command.


2 Responses to “Animation Vs Animator”

  1. 1 Gordhan Valasai Julio 14, 2006 je 6:18 atm

    Very nice. What do you do?

  2. 2 Justin Julio 14, 2006 je 10:35 atm

    ah cool. I wrote something on this about two weeks ago. It’s cool huh!

    oh btw, thanks for stopping by by blog. Yep im sick atm, hopefully some new stuff will be up soon.


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