Question:The Qur’an in several places says that Iblis was an angel, but in Surah Kahf it says that Iblis was a Jinn. Isn’t this a contradiction in the Qur’an?Answer:1.    Incidence of Iblis and Angels mentioned in the Qur’an The story of Adam and Iblis is mentioned in the Qur’an in various places in which Allah (swt) says, “We said to the angels bow down to Adam: and they bowed down: not so Iblis“.This is mentioned in:Surah Al Baqarah chapter 2 verse 43
Surah Al ‘Araf chapter 7 verse 17
Surah Al Hijr chapter 15 verses 28-31
Surah Al Isra chapter 17 verse 61
Surah Ta Ha chapter 20 verse 116
Surah Sad chapter 38 verses 71-74

But in Surah Al Kahf chapter 18 verse 50 the Qur’an says:“Behold! We said to the angels, “Bow down to Adam.” they bowed down except Iblis He was one of the Jinns.”
[Al-Qur’an 18:50]
2.    Arabic Rule Of Tagleeb The English translation of the first part of the verse ‘We said to the angels bow down to Adam: they bowed down except Iblis’, gives us the impression that Iblis was an angel. The Qur’an was revealed in Arabic. In Arabic grammar there is a rule known as Tagleeb, according to which, if the majority is addressed, even the minority is included. If for example, I address a class containing 100 students of whom 99 are boys and one is a girl, and if I say in Arabic that the boys should stand up, it includes the girl as well. I need not mention her seperately.Similarly in the Qur’an, when Allah addressed the angels, even Iblis was present, but it is not required that he be mentioned separately. Therefore according to that sentence Iblis may be an angel or may not be an angel, but we come to know from Surah Al Kahf chapter 18 verse 50 that Iblis was a Jinn. No where does the Qur’an say Iblis was an angel. Therefore there is no contradiction in the Qur’an.3.    Jinns have free will and can disobey Allah Secondly, Jinns have a free will and may or may not obey Allah, but angels have no free will and always obey Allah. Therefore the question of an angel disobeying Allah does not arise. This further supplements that Iblis was a Jinn and not an angel.


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  1. 1 Munzareen Padela Aŭgusto 19, 2006 je 5:52 ptm

    Thanks for this post. People often don’t understand the nuances of Arabic. They try to take a translation and don’t understand that it does no justice to the Arabic version.

  2. 2 aullori Septembro 14, 2006 je 3:08 atm

    just a sincere curious question – what is a jinn? Is it a human? or something else?

  3. 4 jugnoo Septembro 14, 2006 je 8:53 atm

    V.good question aullori. We are muslims & being muslim we do believe that there is another creation of ALLAH (God) on earth to whome we cannot see but they are not called human ther are Jinn. Jinn is a proper name for them. They are made up of fire & they are having good & bad comunity among them same like humans. hope you get your answer. If not ask me about it again.

    • 5 richie Septembro 3, 2011 je 4:33 atm

      i seen a jinn had it in a video of my phone which i dont remember taking it has scales and sharp teeth ,but with a humanoid shape, jinn =reptile =demon ,the fact it smiles scares me like it is telling me it is winning

  4. 6 aullori Septembro 15, 2006 je 4:03 atm

    Thank you for the quick reply Jugnoo – that is facinating. I do understand what you mean. I was asking to examine the contrasts and similarities between our beliefs. Very facinating. Thank you so much! (it seems similar in case your wondering)

  5. 7 diana Decembro 3, 2006 je 11:41 atm

    Hi Jugnoo, 🙂

    I just found this post and I was wondering whether the explanation from the Bible could fit in this case. According to the Bible, a jinn or a demon is a fallen angel. That means they were angels who rebelled against God and were banished from heaven. Satan, the one called Iblis I believe, was the one who rebelled and the other angels who followed him all are to receive the same punishment when the times are complete.

    The Quran and the Bible have some similarities. I believe there are some things not specifically mentioned in the Quran, such as how could Iblis be angel and jinn, because they were clarified in the Torah, Zaboor and Injeel. This explanation which I give you is from these books… so in the Bible even demons are sometimes called as angels (fallen angels who are liable to judgement) where as an angel sent by God is referred to as an angel of the Lord.

    God bless you!

    • 8 Jannah Novembro 17, 2011 je 4:15 atm

      I had a chat this morning with 2 Jeovah witnesses, I’m a reverted muslim myself (alhamdulillah) and just now I was reading a small panflet she gave me about the path to Eden, where all the books of Allah (God) are mentioned (Torah, Inchil, Psalms and Quran) And found it curious, that even if we as muslims are supposed to follow all the books sometimes we just read Quran (not speaking for every one tho) and in the book od Ezequiel it says about how Adam and Eve (Hawa) did not accept the guidance of Allah because of the intervention of a “spiritual being” that formed part of the heavenly creation of God, that being Iblis or Shaitan, Satan, etc. So yes, there is also not mentioned as an angel, in some spanish translations and even english is mentioned as Cherub and the wiki of that is: A cherub is a type of spiritual being mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and cited later on in the Christian biblical canons, usually associated with the presence of God. Cherubim are mentioned in the Torah (five books of Moses), the Book of Ezekiel, and the Book of Isaiah. They are also mentioned in the books of 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, and 2 Chronicles mainly in the construction of the House of God. There is only one mention in the New Testament, in Hebrews 9:5, referring to the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant.

    • 9 suhaad Septembro 27, 2012 je 11:09 atm

      Hi diana…thanks for your post…but sister All these books Torah, Zaboor Injeel and Quran is from One GOD not from different Gods and one correction your understanding of Satan and jinn is wrong .Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds; and may His blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his Family and Companions. Iblis (Satan) was not an Angel as most scholars of Islam believe. In fact, he is the origin of Jinns. But he was with the Angels worshipping Allah. This is why the general address concerned him too, as he had been accompanying the Angels for a long, long time. Even his state turned to be much like the state of Angels by Allah’s Will to enable him to live among the Angels. So, Satan was an “Angel” by company and way of worship but was not of the Angels’ nature, he was from Jinn. Satan did not have any followers when he was chased away from Paradise. This is why Allah Said: {(Allah) said: Get thee down From this: …}[7:13]. Allah also Says (interpretation of meaning): {(Allah) said: then get thee out from here; for thou art rejected, accursed. …}[15:34]. As for how he went to Heaven. Allah gave him the ability to fly and move from one place to another and this is the case for all Jinns. Finally, we urge you dear brother to occupy yourself in researching things that could be of some advantages for you in this life and the Hereafter. Allah knows best.



  6. 10 Addy Januaro 7, 2007 je 5:26 ptm

    Thank you so much Diana. Thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding. In fact, Muslims are to read up on all of the books. May peace be with you.

  7. 11 diana Januaro 7, 2007 je 5:33 ptm

    Anytime, Addy. If you ever want company in reading the other books gimme a shout. I love the Bible 🙂

    Peace and blessings

  8. 12 Gary Toro Januaro 23, 2007 je 3:26 atm

    I have 2 photos of the same jinn.
    taken in New York City.
    I also have communication with it.
    Does anyone out there know of anyone else with photos ?
    I believe i have the only photos ever taken.
    Are there any collectors interested in proving previous paintings as being authentic ?
    My photos can prove this.
    email me back .

    • 13 GaryIsAgoodPerson@Wow.com Marto 16, 2017 je 8:33 ptm

      A voice tells me:
      And I could not give Qunut to anyone in New York.

      What does this mean, I ask you ?
      March 16, 2017 Thursday now 11:30am,
      I heard this voice earlier around 3:27am.

      Can you explain this to me ?


      …Gary “Bagels” from New York

      • 14 GaryIsAgoodPerson@Wow.com Majo 4, 2017 je 7:27 ptm

        What is the difference between value
        and Love ?
        Hint: Judas.
        Related: “Be fruitful and multiply”.
        This is meant to be a helpful hint in why
        Religion is MORE significant then Value ( ie. Money ).
        Muhammad and Jesus had the same – practically identical paths
        in their existence.
        They brought to the people the task of putting into perspective
        the relationship between the two ( run on sentence-sorry ).
        That is still significant today, the importance of Love and
        tolerance and empathy and their opposite aka “money”.
        Don’t trust anyone with LOTs of money ( aka a politician ) for
        the more money they have, the less significance they have as well.
        …Gary ‘Bagels’ from New York
        …aka Lord of void.
        P.S. void means ‘to be filled with’ something significant.
        Allah told me “Let them figure it out for themselves.”

      • 15 GaryIsAgoodPerson@Wow.com Majo 11, 2017 je 7:56 ptm

        This is Iblis, this is ‘schizophrenia’ only if a doctor can profit.
        If not, then how can religion explain this ?

        …Void, Lord of…

  9. 16 David ben Abraham Aprilo 13, 2007 je 10:21 atm

    Peace be to all of you, my concern is only with the muslim version of the Jinn. I am a Muslim and a scholar of Quran and Hadees. I want to clarify that Jinn are not fallen angels as said in the bible. Such words of the bible are not from God but the additions of my rebellious forefathers ( the jews, I am of Jewish descent) and the ignorant european translators. In Islam God has not made it in the nature of Angels to rebel. They can not even think to do that. Rather their whole existence is a continuous prayer and worship of God, even the Archangels do not cease in God’s worship, nor tire of it or feel any arrogance about it. As for Jinn, God says they are biengs created form ” the flameless fire”, created before man and their Adam “Iblis” or Lucifer in the bible was raised high by God for his knowledge and devoted worship of God but since he was created of fire he felt it humiliating to prostrate to man so was cast out. The jinn though much powerful than the mortal body of man cannot have any power over man except if God lets it be so the complete obedience ( Islamic way of life ) and his worship makes man mightier than the Jinn though the soul of man is mightier than the Jinn and is closer in nature to Angels as it is made of light. The Jinn had their own messengers from God all Jinns but their last was a human, the last prophet of God Mohammad Peace be upon him. If the jinn lead their lives as muslims ( remember Islam did not begin with Muhammad but with Adam and infact it finished the correct word perfected with Muhammad so all the prophets were muslims accroding to our faith) God promises them Paradise. A few interesting facts about the Jinn are: water attracts them. They roam more easily even amongst humans at dusk and dawn. God has forbidden them to go near humans so when they do those are the Non muslim Jinn and usually end up in making the famous ghost stories. The world has its sentinel Angels and scholars have said that if it was not so the greater devils (jinn) would have torn apart the world. There are verses and prayers stated by God and his prophet to safeguard against the Jinn. The prophet once gave a serman to Jinns from Iraq and while delivering it he drew a circle around himself on the ground whilst saying the paryers cited above against the Jinn because though they would not harm him but he was accompanied by one of his Shabas (friends) and the Jinn were jewish ( from the time of moses). There are many more facts but i cannot write more here. As for all the things i have stated they are only from three sources: The Holy Quran, Sahih (proven to be true) sayings of the prophet and Islamic scholars. Some words for my Christian and non muslim friends, please understand that we muslims believe in the bible, torah,talmud and psalms and books of all the prophets from Adam to Muhammad but we also believe that the actual Bible and Torah are not the bibles and torahs of today. Almost all historians can clarify that for you and you can find that for yourselves among the many mistakes of the new testament, for example earth being the center of the universe, mistakes of mathematics and so on. One last important thing to all my muslim friends: The prophet has said not to read from the books of the christians or the jews until we have read the Holy Quran and understand its meanings. The reason being that not very word in them comes from God and the mischief of the corrupted men has been so great that even unwary muslims might be lost to their lies. For an example the verses of bible that say Lot and his daughters had sex. Outrageous, for a chosen man of God, a messenger and his noble daughters would never do such a great evil. And what about the thousands of mistakes in the bible even mistakes of simple mathematics (if you want to know more there a more than many websites out there, just type “bible mistakes” in google, you’ll be surprised).

    • 17 Hannah Februaro 18, 2010 je 2:49 ptm

      Hi David

      Your response is very accurate. Surely, you have read the Quran,Torah, and the bible. and to my above friend “Diana”. the Quran comprises the knowledge in the bible as well as the Torah, you will be surprised read yourself. Therefore, the past,present, and the future is all revealed in all realms of life. See for yourself.

  10. 18 Akil Majo 21, 2007 je 12:15 atm

    Dear Gary
    Hello !
    I can see you have two photos of the same jinn.
    colud you please send them to me and allow if i can show them to my students as i am about to teach them on the subject.
    shall appreciate

    • 19 Photo@ONtopic.com Aŭgusto 12, 2015 je 7:20 ptm


      Find the Ghost in this photo.
      I am mindfull of religion, all religions should live in peace and harmony.
      Variety is the spice of life, some one once said.
      …G from New York.

      • 20 TheFRAMER Decembro 28, 2015 je 8:13 ptm

        Don’t let what happened to the Northern Natives,
        don’t let that happen to you:


        The Buraq is Allah, ‘the truth shall set you free’ is appropriate.
        He is the man who won’t grow up. He needs to be
        encouraged that creation is good for all.

        My predecessor united the 12 tribes.
        I am trying to unite the continents.
        In 3,100 a.d., the world will be destroyed by ‘YOU’ !!!

        Sucking the oil out of the Earth will cause earthquakes and
        the rest will be totally irreversible.

        I call him ‘Rashid’. Call on him and tell him about yourself.
        Be his friend, I have asked him to make his presence known.

        He may be here very soon, don’t be afraid.

        Good luck and be nice to your neighbors.

      • 21 GfromDot.. Marto 23, 2016 je 7:18 ptm

        This is proof of Hyper-Inflation:


        The politically correct term is “CAPITALISM”.

        G, from …

        P.S. “The good route is the road to recovery.”…Message from My Father

      • 22 LordVoid@void.com Aŭgusto 16, 2016 je 7:20 ptm

        September 4th, 2016: 9:30 pm 21:30 hours,
        my time ( New York City ).
        Worst case Scenario: Have S.C.U.B.A. and a kayak ready.
        Least Case Scenario: Have them within arm’s reach.
        Either of these will apply:
        A. My Father did not miscalculate.
        B. My Brother did.
        My brother’s name was also Sobek.
        Guess who I am ?
        I ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge.
        If you have in your heart “Void”, then your heart will be lighter then a feather.
        What are your questions ?

      • 23 Shandala@shandala.com Septembro 2, 2016 je 8:22 ptm

        If you can unlock the code in the Quran, then this would be the
        answer to the question ( that which has not been asked ):
        The question in the riddle from me: Lord of Void:

        All religions are leading to the same conclusion:

        Life’s forever goal.

        …Give us this day our daily bread.

      • 24 VoidAudio@audio.com Septembro 17, 2016 je 7:30 ptm



        As related to religion, as related to the question at hand.
        This is what led to WW 2.

        I will delete this audio file in 6 days.

        …Void, Lord of…

    • 25 Void@bagels.com Oktobro 24, 2016 je 7:39 ptm

      The reason the ancient Egyptians scooped the brains out
      of the dead ( part of mummification ),
      was because the brain ( while you are alive ) is where
      free will resides.
      Once you die, and until judgment ( the weighing of the heart ),
      you no-longer have that free will.
      What comes after judgment is ‘not free-will’.
      The void of the empty skull is filled with:
      ( you can now fill in the blank-pun intended ).
      Those wandering souls in/out of limbo, could not let go of the past-
      aka their earthly thoughts, so they wander, until the final judgment day.
      This is where Islam came from, so all Muslims can have the book of the dead.
      But you have to know how to read and write.
      History is remarkable, I could not go back in time and explain this to them.
      And if they came here, to our present ( their future ) then they could
      tell us what we are doing wrong.
      That is free will, good and at times, not.

      • 26 GaryIsAgoodPerson@Wow.com Novembro 12, 2016 je 8:22 ptm

        This is Anubis:

        Wow HUH ?
        …G from New York…

      • 27 GaryIsAgoodPerson@Wow.com Novembro 28, 2016 je 8:34 ptm

        A short story:

        About 8 years ago, in a bar ( where I was drinking beer and watching
        country cowgirls dance on the bar – remember the photo I uploaded…),
        my cellular phone battery died.
        I turned it back on, and the battery was very low.
        The date of the phone was changed.
        I thought that was weird as that should not have happened.
        I powered it up again, and the same date appeared.
        Yes, I had already fixed the date.
        Ah Ha !!!! It was a message from God.
        I wrote the date: January ??, 1980.
        The next day, at work, I googled that date.
        I searched, looking for a significant meaning.
        About 3 days later, I found it.
        Hewlett Packard presented their D.O.S. for their pc.
        I had, at that time, my first computer, a Compaq Presario notebook.
        Some years later, my father ( our father ‘who art in heaven’ ),
        told me ( his voice )-
        “I invented the computer.”
        He did, and I think Muhammad would have been excited to see the
        knowledge available to every one and the speed at which answers
        could be obtained.

        When I was a little boy, my parents bought the encyclopedia for our
        apartment. It was about 50 volumes of paper.
        I want to share this with you all, for a happy new year.

        “Quimya”: and an internet search: several days later:

        borrowed from:


        …Lord of the Void
        aka Gary from New York

      • 28 GaryIsAgoodPerson@Wow.com Decembro 23, 2016 je 8:22 ptm

        I had 2 complaints for the creator:
        1. How will I remember all of this ?
        2. Can I do better ( photo ) than human-kind ?
        God took me for a ride in the clouds, watching Whales. And God’s
        mother said to me “You have been with too many Dolphins
        that wear nail-polish.”
        …Lord of the Void
        …S novim godom

      • 29 GaryIsAgoodPerson@Wow.com Decembro 23, 2016 je 8:26 ptm


        use the link:

        …G from NYC

  11. 30 gary toro Julio 9, 2007 je 6:10 ptm

    Hi Gary,

    My brother has started getting visits from a few Jinn and has taken photos of them on two mobile phones. He has taken over 900 pictures of them and I have seen them. They are not fakes. He is going to Dubai then Morocco to try to rid himself of them (exorcism or something like that, although I don’t think he is possessed) as they constantly bother him touching him and being around him. They don’t like being photographed as soon as they see the camera they hide from view. So he catches them by suprise by being quick with the camera, hiding it from view, or using the mirror. I swear to god this is true as I have seen the pictures(which are undisputable) and I know my brother to be one of the most rational of people. We will download the pictures onto the computer and could send you some if you want. Can you send me copies of your pictures. One word of advice when taking these pictures. Use negatives mode if your camera has this as it shows more detail. Our pictures show full detail of face,eyes, nose hair etc taken in our family home. It makes your hairs stand up on end.


    • 31 Dan Januaro 18, 2012 je 4:24 ptm

      Hey is it possible to see the photos you have? I have taken a few good photos of the ones in my house i just want to see if they match with yours? Ill be happy to send you my ones also

  12. 32 Mohsin from Croydon Julio 9, 2007 je 7:05 ptm


    The above message is from me to Gary Toro not from him.


  13. 33 Gary Toro Julio 17, 2007 je 10:37 ptm

    I can not show my photos on the internet,
    nore can I email then to anyone.
    As http://www.photo.net has many idiots ( on an administrators level).
    My experience with them is such.
    Too much information can sometimes be too much
    of a burden.
    I will eventually publish my photos, my collection
    is growing. So, please wait.
    Thank you.

  14. 34 Mohsin from Croydon Julio 18, 2007 je 4:54 ptm

    I understand Gary.

    Take care.


  15. 35 kati Aŭgusto 30, 2007 je 6:20 ptm

    Could you please email me the photos of jinn and tell me whether they are capable of helping people out with their problems if called upon them and also I would like to know how to make a connection with them and whether it is a sin or not. Please reply. Thanks.

    • 36 Hannah Februaro 18, 2010 je 2:53 ptm

      Kati – Jinns cannot help anyone without God’s will. They are forbidden to come near humans. Only the bad ones come near humans with the intention of harm. So please refrain from seeking help from the unknown. Ask God for help, he is infront of you.

  16. 37 Mohsin from Croydon Aŭgusto 31, 2007 je 5:21 ptm


    The question of whether it is a sin or not to contact jinn depends on your religious orientation. As a muslim I believe it is a sin to try to summon the jinn, and getting them to help out with problems borders on black magic so I personally believe it is sinful to try to contact them, but others might believe differently. My brother has jinn visiting him pretty much daily uninvited and he sees this as a problem which he is trying to resolve (they need to exist separately from humans). We now have in the region of 2000 different photos of them but I don’t think I can send any of them to you as I don’t know you and there is nothing you can offer in return by the way of exchange of information/photos.

    Hope this helps.


  17. 38 Rick Linehan Septembro 7, 2007 je 7:07 atm

    My mother is getting involved with Quiji boards a lot and I’m worried about getting Jinni fond of coming as they please, I already asked a few to leave my room after I watched my cat look at something eventfully off the edge of my bed. I’ve had 2 show them selves to me when I was younger and messing with dark arts. If they show them selves or just come around can I make any use of them while they are here?

    May peace be with all of your souls.

    • 39 Hannah Februaro 18, 2010 je 2:59 ptm

      You can try to make use of them and see what happens. Unfortunately, they will use you in return, especially your head and find pleasure in your distress. Its a fact, they are not “genie in the lamp” kind of thing. Very powerful, different creatures apart. Their primary existence is to supplicate in worship of God, just like humans and angels. That being said, they are forbidden to come close to humans. Any jinn who communicates with humans is not of a good nature and will bother you until you give attention. Once you give them attention it will become harder for you to get “rid” of them. Their will be a time, sooner or later when you will want to get rid of them, hence their forbidness to come closer to humans in the first place.

  18. 40 Mohsin from Croydon Septembro 7, 2007 je 10:26 ptm


    I have never heard anything good come out of the use of Quiji boards. Its your choice, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be desirable for them to come and go as they please and for them to interact with us. They are invisible until they decide to show themselves to us. This means that they can see us even though we can’t see them.

    I would be very interested to hear of how they showed themselves to you when you were younger and what they did when they did. We can compare this to my brother’s experiences which he is getting now. I have had some personal experiences too, although not recently.

    Did the Jinn leave your room when you asked them to?

    Best wishes


  19. 41 Aamir Septembro 9, 2007 je 5:30 ptm

    My cousin-in-law visited at the beginning of the year and he and my wife were telling me about vampires that lived in Lahore (Pakistan). They said there was a horde of them that lived behind the train lines. They described them as mute revenants that would chase people who had wandered too close to their areas at night. He also described his brother as having had a somnambulistic contact with them after playing around with black magic symbology (i think he found this symbology in North Africa).
    Both my wife and cousin-in-law were adamnant that these vampires were real, and insisted that his brother had been found on some mornings in a near-by cemetary asleep on the ground after being summoned by the creatures.
    I wondered if these were not also Jinn by nature? Except that they told me that they were physical creatures. I simply cannot find any information about this and hence wonder if it’s tales isolated to the people of the area?
    Can anyone help?

    • 42 Hannah Februaro 18, 2010 je 3:04 ptm

      Vampires are immortal and need unlimited desirable supply of blood. Either they are serial killers or mental patients out of an assylum and need to be reported ASAP, or they just like attention.

      Remember, Vampires are IMMORTAL. Maybe you should use some celloids in your brain? 🙂

  20. 43 Mohsin from Croydon Septembro 11, 2007 je 8:49 ptm


    I believe that although Jinn, are invisible and non-solid (or very low density) in nature they can materialise themselves in a solid-like form of any shape. Some say that they are “energy” in composition and I tend to agree with this description. Jinn do generally tend to and prefer to inhabit places not inhabitted by humans such as cemeterys. Those that interact and bother humans are not good jinn and might even be referred to as satanic. This is what I believe and so your story seems plausible to me although I don’t believe in the blood drinking vampire tales. I do not know enough about symbology to comment on this ritual.


  21. 44 Aamir Septembro 14, 2007 je 8:34 ptm

    Thanks Moshin, for your reply.

    I agree with you on many points. I don’t know a lot about Jinn but your description is what i had come to understand. With that in mind, i have always been of the opinion that my cousin-in-law and wife were simply recalling too many poorly made horror films when telling me about vampires in Pakistan (their descriptions did not even bear any similarity with the old Sub-Continent tales of vetalas). Their conviction though, i believe, is a deep-rooted superstition and respect for the supernatural.

    And the stories of his brothers’ dabbling in black magic always seemed a bit cliched – he never described the symbology used (apart from refering to studying it in Africa, which would suggest to me it would be the symbology of Vodou), but i had the impression it was the tired cliche again of movie pentagrams as opposed to the more archaic necronomican patterns.

    Anyway, if anyone does know of any local legends (that are not rehashes of Internet tales) of vampires in the Sub-Continent i’m all ears 🙂

  22. 45 Abdul Novembro 8, 2007 je 10:09 atm

    Mohsin from croydon,

    My interest was when I read that your brother has to travel all the way to Moroco and or Dubai to get rid of the Jinn. To help him or in this case anyone else (genuine cases only), please get in touch with me, InshaAllah we may be able to help out without him travelling anywhere (most of the times). my email is abdulghafurtz@yahoo.com. my phone is +255773484384 and we are based in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar, Tanzania.

  23. 46 Mohsin from Croydon Novembro 9, 2007 je 10:40 ptm


    My brother is back from Dubai. He was doing very good there, praying 5 times a day and reading the quuran after each one. He still sees the jinn, both the good ones and bad ones. They pray next to him in the mosque. The bad ones dare not come near him now.

    I think the problem is resolved now. But he will always see them. I think that he has good jinn (salahinn) protecting him.

  24. 47 ashmeed Julio 5, 2008 je 3:01 atm

    a salaam u alaikum
    i do not know what will i do if i come across any,,, guess i’ll follow ‘live and let live’, and ‘let sleeping dogs lie’

  25. 48 Xi Chin Aprilo 24, 2010 je 7:01 atm

    Why don’t someone write a translation in PLAIN ENGLISH that does not lead to this error/interpretation? The fault lies with the translators not the readers! How can we English speakers not become misinformed when the translations contain the misinformation. To an English speaker reading the English text, there is no way to know that Iblis is Jinn from the specific sentences. only by understanding that Angles cannot disobey can one draw the econclusion (from the English) that Iblis is Jinn.

    My point: Why not write a translation that does not give room for this type of misinterpretation. In fact, it is not a mis interpretation, it is a mis translation.

  26. 49 sean Majo 29, 2011 je 5:39 atm

    does anyone know what to do when you have seen a pair of these and that i may have the chance to do so again

  27. 50 fuckchildrenn Junio 20, 2011 je 2:21 ptm

    i think hawa is iblis!!!! , cause she not there !!!
    okay let’s i says , adam taught angels about name all animalls! if adam real taught name of bacteria and virus ???
    let’s go one
    dalmatian , shelperd , golden reiteriver , cerberus ,……..
    okay i thirst , give me break , i drink , glup
    fish mas , fish golden , fish peking , fish europe , fish hell , fish mango , fish acatten , fish dinotrap . fish alakazam , fish momoraktor , fish blbla , fish inotcare , fish little , fish hungry
    unbelieve this look adam have 1000000 IQ and stupid angel only have 700 IQ ,
    maybe iblis is have problem in his ear !!! he not listen what god command ,
    course , he is Jinn , God only says “ANGELS ” not Jinn
    so why Jinn must obey down Adam ?
    if Jinn and Angel must obey down Adam why animal not do that ?????
    cause angel is servant human and Bidadari is slaves human !!
    God love human but not care about animal , angel , jinnn course , god is adam !!!!!

  28. 51 a9mus Junio 25, 2011 je 5:47 ptm

    I have read all your comments with rapt interest and with each revelation, my intrigue is fanned and becomes more intense. Angeles, Saints, Iblis, Satan, Lucifer, Devil, Demons, Jinns, Devas, Ifrit, Archangels, Seraphs, Seraphim, Cherubim, Ghul, Sila, Muse…i tell you, the list goes on and on. To try and embody all of this in one comprehensive bottle as medication of faith for the human race is the malpractice the inflicts misunderstanding, misconception, miscommunication, delusion, misinterpretation or misinformation, mis education or any other mis we want to call it..we will surely miss the point. Thus, to your faith i would say and you might have a non-conflicting understanding of this seeming mysteries. Heros are champions, champions are advocates, advocates are crusaders…likewise the list of sameness goes on.

    It is normal and natural for one to believe tat his father’s farm is most bountiful. The Bible is not the only reference of life text beguiled with contradictions . I implore that we also dip our finger in that online oracle of knowledge called Goggle and we will find a number across faith …even the Holy Quaran. here let me lend a hand…. http://www.answering-islam.org/Quran/Contra/mo_not_universal.html, aside from many others that i have studied. Does this prove anyone right or wrong, nope…it only declares that we are men after all.

    I understand this discuss best when i free my self of the thirst of seeking within it a medication for faith or a remedy of a soul torn from the embrace of God. For when i seek that , i merely go back to the way of the cross as i am sure my muslim brothers would also find in the crescent brilliance of islam.

    I do not just seek Knowledge, i seek enLIGHTenment for within it lies the through key to demystifying this strange world we live in.

    I tender my thanks to everyone on this page for providing me with a little of just that.


  29. 54 IblisSjemTov Septembro 1, 2011 je 9:54 ptm

    iblis is, by his own saying, a djinni: http://iblissjemtov.blogspot.com/

  30. 55 bluegenie69@live.com Marto 8, 2012 je 10:55 ptm

    Iblis is not a Jinn, he is the angel of death.
    I call him Choska.
    I am adopted into his family, he is my brother.
    Aren’t we ALL not brothers and sisters ?
    He welcomed me into Limbo
    but I would not walk in front of him.
    He insisted, I refused. I told him it is tradition.
    So that gives me the right to speak on his behalf.
    The Jinn are my friends, they want privacy.
    I have a purpose for this message,
    Peace in the Middle East.
    I will trade for shelter and a job.
    In New York, no one wants to hire me so what will I do ?
    Should I become a bandit ?
    Choska would not bow down before Adam.
    I am Adam the second.
    I met the first, he had no soul. Just a body.
    I said to the Creator:
    Very nice, you have to fix this
    ( I pointed to the fat under his chin ).
    Choska exercised his free will
    in not bowing down ( theoretically ).
    Was he correct in saying that humans are inferior to him ?
    Are we setting a good example,
    thousands if not millions of years later ?
    I have asked for a signal for you all to understand
    That I am not crazy.
    Makes me feel like Moses and Noah sometimes.
    I am not the last prophet, I am the first.
    I emailed the Vatican back in March 23, 2010 ,
    They got their lawyers to get them liability insurance.
    Cat Stevens is welcomed into Limbo.
    That is when I knew that Choska is along side of the Creator.
    I am the replacement of Gabriel.
    He is retired.
    Good luck.

  31. 56 Jaame Aprilo 25, 2012 je 5:53 ptm

    Are you retarded.No one comes to the Father except through me,Jesus Christ.Islam is evil.Jinns are demons.

    • 57 kamran khattak Aŭgusto 9, 2012 je 2:57 atm

      I’ll request you to have a detailed study of Islam, and one thing more,remember no religion is bad but its we the followers who make it evil or bad, you have no study of Islam and just talking in air ,what all Islamic books you studied, be true and let the people know how true is your statement.

  32. 58 Jaame Aprilo 25, 2012 je 9:10 ptm

    Jesus ‘I am the truth;the life & the way”.Nobody comes to the Father except through me’.

  33. 59 Jaame Aprilo 28, 2012 je 3:28 ptm

    You said Jinn is in the Bible.You should understand ,you lie.Angels only!Demons only!hThink!!!!Now turn to Jesus & repent.

  34. 60 BlueGenie69@IcantAffordToBuyFood.com Junio 11, 2012 je 10:53 ptm

    Remember Sodom & Gomorrah ?
    “ A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. “
    That chain is called D.N.A..
    When Satan welcomed me into Limbo,
    There was a young girl with him, to his left.
    They both wore tattered black-cloth robes.
    She is called Mai-Pai.
    She has many freckles and is ultimately a sweet hearted
    I am asking for a re-start.
    In Sodom and Gomorrah, the Angels went to visit,
    and they were threatened with gang-rape.
    In Egypt last year, upon their liberation,
    the reporter ( female ) was welcomed with what ?.
    What is the difference then from now ?
    Greed is a corruptor of the rich and poor alike.

  35. 61 Jacob Julio 15, 2012 je 9:58 ptm

    Geez people i am 14 years old and i know the true story of iblis. when Allah created jinn they were destroying the world with violence so Allah ordered angel to kill all of the jins the angel killed everyone of the jinns except a baby jinn who they couldn’t kill they didn’t wanna hurt the baby who was a jinn so they took the baby (iblis)
    To Allah and told him about the baby so Allah kept him alive. Iblis became to be A powerful angel who worked with Allah for 7 thousand years until Allah order him to bow down to Adam there’s where he went bad. This is all I heard from imam

  36. 63 Ibliss Kin Decembro 10, 2012 je 9:08 ptm

    If a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link,
    and the chain is DNA,
    then the weak link is NOT free will,
    but reproduction.
    If the Pharaoh didn’t have so many slaves,
    then I wouln’t have to pay for everything today.
    Without poor people, rich people could not wage war.

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    exposure! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

  38. 65 Gmail@gmail.com Marto 16, 2013 je 9:18 ptm

    This is waiting for all of you.
    All you have to do is ask for forgiveness
    and I will grant it !
    Sholom Shabbat
    …Gary From New York

  39. 66 Wendi Marto 27, 2013 je 3:19 ptm

    What i don’t understood is if truth be told how you’re no longer actually much more
    smartly-liked than you may be right now. You’re very intelligent. You know therefore considerably on the subject of this matter, produced me in my opinion believe it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men are not involved until it is one thing to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs nice. Always maintain it up!

    • 67 gmale@gmale.com Marto 29, 2013 je 8:51 ptm

      A voice told me : “Watch ‘House’ “.
      If I had a middle class family, I would be in a psychiatrists office.
      The doctor would give me a prescription for medicine, and would follow
      up with therapy for my biological progress.
      Rich doctor. Poor patient loses confidence with communication of a heavenly origin.
      Poor person goes to a mosque, temple, church…
      Religious leader tells poor person “Pray and your answers will come to you.” “And don’t forget to leave a donation of cash on your way out.”
      All people in mental disarray have been contacted.
      All bullies are jealous.
      Faith is lost.
      Joan of Arc was a prophet after Muhammad.
      Is this not a fact ?
      Political correcteness is money in the bank.
      “Don’t piss off the natives.”
      The House television show indicates:
      “Conflict breeds creativity.”
      Yesterday, I dreamt of an out of control locomotive train.
      I was running forward while fighting with my brother ( Ibliss ).
      Behind me was his family, following, not knowing the outcome.
      Some one to my right was there to interrupt on his behalf
      ( my predecessor ‘Gabriel’ ).
      What was the point of that dream ?
      I know the answer. It would be in your best interest to
      find an answer and apply it to your self.
      “Dont make rich people richer”.
      G from NY

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    you may possibly be lacking.

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    • 76 Knowledge is power Marto 9, 2015 je 8:30 ptm

      March 8, 2015 about after 3pm
      Fm radio interview with Steve Alten, on Aktina:
      WNYE 91.5 FM-HD1 NY

      I called to make my comment, I think you should all listen.
      Interview is only for 1 week in their archive.
      Interview starts well at 01:38:00
      I come on at 02:19:00 to 02:20:43






      Saturday’s Program

      Sunday’s Program

      Click on the “Sunday’s Program” and fast forward,
      the interview starts at 01:38:00


      …G from NY

      • 77 ThisIsNotAboutReligion Marto 31, 2015 je 7:32 ptm

        I have emailed many lawyers but obviously I can not pay them, and my case will not see the light
        of day via “pro bono”.
        NYC HRA snap WEPS and FEGS are all corrupt and designed by Bloomberg during his 12 years as mayor.
        My proof is why I CAN’T get a job to pay my student loans.
        The middle class prefer to hire non paid interns to provide labor for no pay.
        Perhaps a meal and a metro card or $ 10 or $ 20 dollars for the whole day.
        Even Ruben Diaz would not help me here.
        I am sure Chuck Schumer would not help either.
        This is like me getting a job with you ( the person I originally emailed ),
        although I am not a journalism major – I am a technically experienced video/audio person.
        Me being a law abiding US citizen does not make a good difference.
        So unemployed americans are more usefull to bloombergs colleagues as criminals.
        How many middle class people get paid to provide services if a crime is committed ?
        Can you do a story on this, and get me a job so I can live in a nice home.
        The American dream is only available if you rely on the crimes of the lower class and
        uneducated immigrants.
        After all, the middle and upper class of the United States of America would
        not benefit if all criminals were rehabilitated and if all people were free of illness and disease.
        My point of view comes from religion.
        A psychiatrist is in fact the opposite of religion.
        Any prophet in the past would today be a homeless schizophrenic or
        if with healthcare, a patient of a doctor.
        Do you understand my point of view ?

        Another email:

        While I was on food stamps, and working for them,
        I found a notice in a booklet that states if I win the lottery,
        The city will take out my food stamp money that was awarded to me.
        At that time, I was working for my food stamps.
        So Bloomberg was stealing from these poor people on food stamps,
        STEALING and the poor people would not notice the fine print.
        I tried to get a lawyer ( jewish ) to sue bloomberg.
        He has a lot of money so why not.
        He was in his 3rd term as mayor and getting paid $1 per year.
        Of the 4 lawyers I contacted, no one replied.
        During DeBlassios first couple of months as mayor, I got a letter in the mail
        that the SNAP WEPS FEGS programs are being stopped.
        ‘The City’ would rather get lottery winnings from poor people then
        actually give them jobs to pay for their food stamps.
        The logic is Greed and Exploitation.
        I am still on food stamps as I am only experienced to get an internship
        for a sandwich and a metro card.
        Way to Go America !!!!
        …G from New York

  44. 78 WakeUpPeople@nytimes.com Junio 16, 2015 je 6:21 ptm

    New York Times newspaper, today: June 16, 2015 Tuesday:

    Bloomberg Philanthropies Gives $100 Million to Cornell Tech
    …WINNINGS !!!’ Bloomberg is a liar and a cheater and is also a
    …freeloader. Religion is for the poor and the adults to:

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