Arĥivo por Marto, 2007

Alvida my friends!!!

Proud to be a Pakistani, originally uploaded by CreativeZee.

Assalamo Alaikum w.w
All my blogger friends finally this is time to announce my retirement from this blog because i am not finding time from my Job timings & my web desiging classes but i will keep blogging on pakpics because Pakistan First. I know mere janay se koi bara difference to nahi ho ga lakin shayad mere liya yeh bara farq ho because i will miss all of you & i will be praying for all of you so be there & whenever i will find time to catch you gus i will do that.
Another news is that i am trying to become a singer & trying hard to find time for establishment of my singing career (I am not mirasi) 😉 to phir meri mulaqat app se kisi TV channel par he ho gee 😀
Agar kisi ko meri baat buri lagi ho to forgive me for that & Alvida mere dosto

Imran Khan


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Marto 2007
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