Tarjuman-e-Mazi-Shaan-e-Haal, originally uploaded by mbukhari_prm.

Aisi zameen aur aasman
In ke siwa jana kahan
Badhti rahe ye roshni
Chalta rahe yeh karwan
Dil Dil Pakistan
Jan Jan Pakistan
Minaar-e-Pakistan; built right on the place where on 23 March 1940, the muslims of Indo-Pak passed a resolution in which they demanded a seperate country of their own where they can live their lives in accordance with teachings of islam and their own aspirations. This resolution is also known as Pakistan Resolution. This monument reminds us of that great event which resulted in the creation of Pakistan.


2 Responses to “Tarjuman-e-Mazi-Shaan-e-Haal”

  1. 1 Zeezat Aŭgusto 22, 2006 je 5:25 atm

    Again and again the reflection making the whole difference between real and virtual!! What a nice capture, it is really make the impression.

    Just I want to know is that lake is natural or artificial? But, I think it should be natural because the natural things will never be outdated.

    Keep posting, This blog has got variety of info. Be in touch.. 😀


  2. 2 Asma Aŭgusto 23, 2006 je 11:27 atm

    Very nice not only the image the title too ….!

    Keep up !


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