What the hell is this?

Have you ever seen a bride wearing as much jewellery? I recieved this picture via mail days ago & i was surprised to see this woman.


14 Responses to “What the hell is this?”

  1. 1 razarumi Aŭgusto 28, 2006 je 3:49 ptm

    Hi, you know who these happy and rich kids are?

  2. 2 jyoti Aŭgusto 30, 2006 je 9:39 atm

    well, these are indian kids. The daughter comes from some NRI business family ( only they can afford to deck up their dauther like a golden cow:):). The funny thing is, this photo first appeared on an Indian web site declaring that the bride was Dawood Ibrahim’s daughter:) People instatnlty believed this because of the amount of jewellary displayed by her:) But soon, the original parents came forward and the website had to remove the pic and apologise to them. what I wonder is, how could she even stand upright with this much gold around her neck!!!

  3. 4 jugnoo Aŭgusto 30, 2006 je 11:49 atm

    Thanxs jyoti for your kind comments. I was sure that she is not daughter of Dawood Ibrahim. But i am still much surprised that how she is standing there keeping her neck straight. Isnt it

  4. 5 jyoti Aŭgusto 30, 2006 je 12:50 ptm

    maybe she is leaning on a golden pole hidden in her other hand:)

  5. 7 perfectlymadebirds Decembro 2, 2006 je 10:28 ptm

    When I opened up this thread I thought you were talking about the man who looks more out of place then she does. I’m actually surprised nothing was said about him. I feel the lady is the one dressed better, not the man who has forgotten how to dress properly for the occasion.

  6. 8 perfectlymadebirds Decembro 5, 2006 je 8:24 ptm

    I see you have a habit of deleting comments. Ok, fine. If you think the guy wearing the Englishman’s suit is more appropriate than her traditional bride’s dress than fine. Yes, it’s excessive in jewelry but atlease it is not the dress of occupier that took centuries to get rid of. In my opinion it looks strange everytime I see one of those suits but then again some people delete all their comments that they don’t agree with so why even have a blog? Or have anybody comment on it if you are just going to delete comments. I let people voice their comments either way whether or not I don’t agree with them unless they are being trolls in my blogs.

  7. 9 perfectlymadebirds Decembro 5, 2006 je 8:28 ptm

    So sorry, the comment just re-appeared for some odd reason as it was gone for the last day so I thought it was deleted. Sorry, it must have been a computer glitch or online glitch of some sort. Anyway I still enjoy reading your blog.

  8. 10 jugnoo Decembro 6, 2006 je 7:12 atm

    Perfectlymadebirds: Welcome & welcome again to my blog, i am very much pleased to see your comments here. I did not delete any of your comment & i always welcome critics & i have nothing to say coz you realize your mistake. So chill…. My purpose to show this picture was to let others realize that see how thses people are showing their richness to the others. Thats it. Otherwise i have no prob with the picture.

  9. 11 perfectlymadebirds Decembro 6, 2006 je 6:29 ptm

    No problem jugnoo. I use Blogger and now realize they have somekind of lagtime issue with their servers. I guess WordPress is no different. You are very intelligent person to talk to and I appreciate the fact you enjoy art.

  10. 13 Arnold Decembro 8, 2006 je 4:00 ptm

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