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Pakpics reaches 200,000 views

Long Live Pakistan, originally uploaded by CreativeZee – Always Pakistan First.
Assalamo alaikum!!!

Alhamdulillah our blog Pakpics has crossed  200,000 😀 views in a time limit of 10 months. I am really thankful to all of my viewers who have contributed alot through their views & precious comments. Thanks you all of my dear friends from all parts of the world, This is you who made this dream come true. 🙂

           I would also thank to all Pakistani photographers who allowed me to show their masterpieces on my blog. This is really a great moment for all of us that we have reached this landmark. 😀

           Boys & gals I am available at Pakistani Pictures 


Alvida my friends!!!

Proud to be a Pakistani, originally uploaded by CreativeZee.

Assalamo Alaikum w.w
All my blogger friends finally this is time to announce my retirement from this blog because i am not finding time from my Job timings & my web desiging classes but i will keep blogging on pakpics because Pakistan First. I know mere janay se koi bara difference to nahi ho ga lakin shayad mere liya yeh bara farq ho because i will miss all of you & i will be praying for all of you so be there & whenever i will find time to catch you gus i will do that.
Another news is that i am trying to become a singer & trying hard to find time for establishment of my singing career (I am not mirasi) 😉 to phir meri mulaqat app se kisi TV channel par he ho gee 😀
Agar kisi ko meri baat buri lagi ho to forgive me for that & Alvida mere dosto

Imran Khan


My Hand Writing, originally uploaded by lucky_khan.

I was tagged by Asma & i had to post my own hand writing. I am not into writing for may be last 4 years but my mamoon hitler was coming from Pakistan & i asked my dearest Mom to send my old note book for me. This note book is so old & these are my grammer notes which i wrote during a lecture at college.

Abdullah Khalid

My Nephew Abdullah on his First Birthday.





From my “Inbox” III

Next 10 SMS
AoA babova tanik hum sai naraj ho ka? Koi smsva nahi karet. Tipu ke mobile se he karat lo.Hum theek hain tanik apni sunavat.
Take care n Allah Hafiz
Sent by: AMRGHR 17 October 2006 11:30:32 Pakistan Time

On the happy Occasion of the EID UL FITR, I pray to Almighty Allah to bestow, Health, Happiness & prosperity on you, your family, your beloved ones & all Muslim Umah
Wish you a very Happy Eid
Eid Mabrook
Sent by: NBK 22 October 2006 17:54:53 Saudi Time

Mobile repair karne wale ko loose motion ho gay to wo doctor ko kaisay explain kare ga?
DOCTOR sahib, subah se missed calls aa rahi hai
Out going mein takleef ho rahi hai
Subah se nai nai ringtones baj rahi hain
Aur pait mein balance nahi bach raha hai
Jitna bhi recharge karo wo kharch ho jaata hai
Sent by: SNMBL1 22 October 2006 19:51:42 Pakistan Time

Eid Mubarak to 1 n all in family. May Allah accept all our fasting n good deeds. Ameen
Sent by: SMD 23 October 2006 07:32:40 Kuwait Time

Eid ki khushyan
Eid ke rang
Eid manao
Tipu & yaron ke sung
Eid Mubarak. Kya ho raha hai? Kya khaya hai, navaiy kapre pa k namaz parhnay jana. Take care & ALLAH HAFIZ
Sent by: AMRGHR 23 October 2006 09:35:47 Pakistan Time

Kuj te dunya daari rakh
Pawain pyar bazari rakh
Call te prawa tu karni koi nai
Sms te jaari rakh (kidding)
AOA. Hope f9 both of you. Me 2 f9. Khair mabrook. Thanx. TC.AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 24 October 2006 20:01:47 Pakistan Time

Fresh flowers
Special persons…
With loving
Sent by: SNMBL1 25 October 2006 14:40:34 Pakistan Time

Aapki yaad mein qalam uthai
Lia kagaz,
Tasweer aapki banai,
Socha dil se laga kar rakhain us tasvir ko
Par wo to bachon ko drane ke kaam i. DM
AOA, H r u? Me f9.
Good Luck. AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 31 October 2006 21:22:03

AOA chawlo kabhi yaad he kar lia karo. How are you both? Hopefully f9. v all r f9. Mom buhat yaad kar rahi theen. Kya ho raha hai aur kya karte rehte ho? Tipu ke sunao. If you have credit then ans karo jaldi.
Take care n ALLAH HAFIZ
Sent by: AMRGHR 8 November 2006 22:38:50 Pakistan Time

On the pages of roses…..
With the ink of moon light….
A pen of love has written…..
Only three word for you….
“U R Cool….”
Sent by: SNMBL1 26 November 2006 13:45:57 Pakistan Time

From my “Inbox” II

Next 10 SMS
sms sms sms
SmS sMs SmS sMs
$M$ $m$ $M$
Bas! Ab app ke bari
Sent by: Tanvir 26 July 2006 22:04:42 Pakistan Time

I pray for you!
May ALLAH be above you
Below you to support you
Before you to guide you
Behind you to protect you
Beside you to comfort you
Inside you to sustain you
Sent by: SNMBL 7 August 2006 17:06:49 Pakistan Time

My eyes miss you
My senses love you
My hands need you
My mind calls you
My heart just for you
My life is you
I will die without you
I love you
Aisa meri Ammi mujhe kehti hain 😉
Sent by: Abid 1 September 2006 12:13:10 Kuwait Time

A “Chewnti” saw a piece of GUD, she felt xcited & went towards to get it. Suddenly she saw a “Chewnta” & went towards him. You know why?
Because “GUD nalo Ishq mitha” Salam & AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 7 September 2006 22:09:54 Pakistan Time

2 see light, look at sun
2 see love, look at moon
2 see beauty, look at nature
2 see hope, look at future
But 2 see all of this
Look at mirror
Salam & don’t worry. AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 17 September 2006 14:06:33 Pakistan Time

Smile is a cooling system of Heart
Sparkling system of Eyes
Lighting system of Face
Relaxing system of Mind
So activate all your systems
And keep SMILING
Sent by: SNMBL1 18 September 2006 09:58:35 Pakistan Time

Wo sehri ke thandak
Iftar ke ronaq
Wo aasmaan ka noor
Taron ke chamak
Wo masjidon ka sanwarna
Minaron ka chamakna
Wo farishton ka hujoom
Ramadan Mubarak
Sent by: SMD 22 September 2006 14:09:30 Kuwait Time

A sardar who just learned English went to a party & introduced his family.
Hi i am Sardar & this is my sardarnee, this is my Kid & she is my Kidnee!!!
ok aoa, tata
Sent by: AMRGHR 23 September 2006 22:07:41 Pakistan Time

The Tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching to your goal but the tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.
Sent by: AMRGHR 23 September 2006 22:13:25 Pakistan Time

Battery low, I will call you later.
Sent by: NBK 9 October 2006 20:21:44 Saudi Time

From my “Inbox”

There was no space left in my mobile’s inbox, & i am not ready to delete any special SMS from my my love ones. So i thought that why i not i save my message in a good way. So here i am blogging my inbox message from my love ones & this is the best way to save them forever.
Last 11 Sms
1. Qayamat ke din khuda ne hum sab ko eke k sheet deni hai k hum apne apne gunahus par likhain. Hum sab abhi soch he rahay hon g eke kya likhain, itne mein tumhari awaz aye gee. “Extra sheet plz”
Sent by Abid 5 May 2006, 20:30:34 Kuwait Time

2. Happy Birthday. Dado guess who I am? Guia is here, Asma ke mobile se kar rahi hoon. Allah Hafiz
Sent by Guia. 16 May 2006, 09:23:33 Paksitan Time

3. On every tick of clock, I pray for your health, Happiness, Success & life…. May you live long…!
Sent by: Aftab 24 May 2006 10:22:49 Pakistan Time

4. My nights are becoming sleepless, my days are becoming restless, so I asked God, “is it love?” God said Oh Hello, summer has started. “Happy Summers”
Sent by: Tanvir 5 June 2006 23:09:31 Pakistan Time

5. Sardar g was walking on the road one night. He saw a beautiful lady alone. He asked “Tu kon?” She said “ Churail”. Sardar g said “te pher chambad ja”
AoA. H ru? I am f9, Don’t worry. AH
Sent by: SNMBL 13 June 2006 12:04:44 Pakistan Time

6. Laila ko majnu ka SMS nahi aya. Laila ne 3din se khana nahi khaya. Laila marne wali hai majnu ke pyaar mein. Aur majnu baitha hua hai SMS free hone ke intezar mein.
Sent by: SNMBL 15 June 2006 10:48:34 Pakistan Time

7. Jaan hai hamain zindagi se bhi pyaari
Jaan ke liye kar doon qurbaan Yaari
Jaan ke liye toroon dosti tumhari
Ab tum se kya chupana…..
Tum he to ho Jaan Hamari
Sent by: SMD 7 July 2006 19:37:42 Kuwait Time

8. Guru jee kehte hain
Jo is SMS ko padh raha hi
Wo Loveable
Good Looking
Nahi hai to kya hua…
Jis ne bheja hai, wo to hai na.
SaLam. AH.S
Sent by: SNMBL 10 July 2006 22:10:21

9. “God Bless You” is such a little prayer but it means so much. It means may the Lord with his Gracious hands give u more than u have prayed for. “God Bless You”
Sent by: SNMBL 22 July 2006 23:38:55 Pakistan Time

10. What is difference between blood & Friend!, Blood enters the heart & flows out but Friend enters the heart & stays inside forever. Just like you.
Sent By: Tanvir 26 July 2006 21:48:29 Pakistan Time

11. Zameen pe ho to SMS bhej do
Aasman pe ho to barish bhej do
Chand pe ho to sitare bhej do
Jannat mein ho to Hoorain bhej do
Dozakh mein ho to………….
Enjoy Your Self
Sent by: Tanvir 26 July 2006 22:00:17 Pakistan Time

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