From my “Inbox” II

Next 10 SMS
sms sms sms
SmS sMs SmS sMs
$M$ $m$ $M$
Bas! Ab app ke bari
Sent by: Tanvir 26 July 2006 22:04:42 Pakistan Time

I pray for you!
May ALLAH be above you
Below you to support you
Before you to guide you
Behind you to protect you
Beside you to comfort you
Inside you to sustain you
Sent by: SNMBL 7 August 2006 17:06:49 Pakistan Time

My eyes miss you
My senses love you
My hands need you
My mind calls you
My heart just for you
My life is you
I will die without you
I love you
Aisa meri Ammi mujhe kehti hain 😉
Sent by: Abid 1 September 2006 12:13:10 Kuwait Time

A “Chewnti” saw a piece of GUD, she felt xcited & went towards to get it. Suddenly she saw a “Chewnta” & went towards him. You know why?
Because “GUD nalo Ishq mitha” Salam & AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 7 September 2006 22:09:54 Pakistan Time

2 see light, look at sun
2 see love, look at moon
2 see beauty, look at nature
2 see hope, look at future
But 2 see all of this
Look at mirror
Salam & don’t worry. AH
Sent by: SNMBL1 17 September 2006 14:06:33 Pakistan Time

Smile is a cooling system of Heart
Sparkling system of Eyes
Lighting system of Face
Relaxing system of Mind
So activate all your systems
And keep SMILING
Sent by: SNMBL1 18 September 2006 09:58:35 Pakistan Time

Wo sehri ke thandak
Iftar ke ronaq
Wo aasmaan ka noor
Taron ke chamak
Wo masjidon ka sanwarna
Minaron ka chamakna
Wo farishton ka hujoom
Ramadan Mubarak
Sent by: SMD 22 September 2006 14:09:30 Kuwait Time

A sardar who just learned English went to a party & introduced his family.
Hi i am Sardar & this is my sardarnee, this is my Kid & she is my Kidnee!!!
ok aoa, tata
Sent by: AMRGHR 23 September 2006 22:07:41 Pakistan Time

The Tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching to your goal but the tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.
Sent by: AMRGHR 23 September 2006 22:13:25 Pakistan Time

Battery low, I will call you later.
Sent by: NBK 9 October 2006 20:21:44 Saudi Time


9 Responses to “From my “Inbox” II”

  1. 2 diana Januaro 29, 2007 je 7:16 ptm

    I didn’t know Sardar jokes were so popular in Pakistan. Good to know 🙂 My Indian inbox receives a lot of similar msgs to your Pakistani inbox, I guess we have more in common than just skin and ancestry 🙂

  2. 3 Asma Januaro 30, 2007 je 3:14 atm

    Lolz this kidnee one was real interesting .. nice way to clean off ur inbox 😛

  3. 4 Asma Januaro 30, 2007 je 3:18 atm

    hey u’ve a red rose in ur pakpics grp pool 😛

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