Dual Greetings

Dual Greetings, originally uploaded by zeeimran420.

Eid Mubarak to all of Muslim community in every part of the world & a very happy new year to every one in every part of the world.


7 Responses to “Dual Greetings”

  1. 1 jugnoo Decembro 30, 2006 je 4:44 atm

    Hey Jugnoo,
    Thanks for stopping by my (rather decrepit) blog. Your comment made my day today! I doubt anyone has visited that blog for ages now :).

    Anyway….I should pay more attention to working on that blog page…it’s being neglected forever!

    Happy new year and I donno when eid is or was but eid mubarak to you.
    Well thanks again for stopping by and leaving a shimmer on my page 🙂

    jugnoo (notice I go with a small ‘j’ 😀 😉 )

  2. 2 khawab Decembro 30, 2006 je 12:07 ptm

    hey jugnoo
    sofi soap banane waloon ki taraaf se tamam ehlah watan ko aur ap ko bi bohat bohat eid mubarak aur neya saal bi mubarak hoo…. 😛
    enjoy seek kabab n all other dishes 😛

  3. 3 Asma Decembro 30, 2006 je 11:54 ptm

    Eid mubarak and happy new year to you … with lots of tasty delicacies too 😛

  4. 4 jugnoo Januaro 2, 2007 je 1:45 ptm

    Thanks & i wish you all a very happy Eid & very delightful new year with bundles of health + wealth 😉 & great success 😀

  5. 6 khawab Januaro 14, 2007 je 10:49 ptm

    ooyeee jugnoo eid is long gone ………… tum ne tu mera bi record toor deya update na karne ka 😛

  6. 7 jugnoo Januaro 15, 2007 je 1:48 ptm

    Thansk GH
    khawab: ok janab mujhe to pata he nahi chala ke record mere naam ho gaya hai. Meri ammi kehti hain k main ne bachpan mein b buhat record tore hue hain ab ek aur……. 😉 Ab to aadat se ho gai hai record torney keeeeeeee


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