What iz Your Lucky Number?

Assalam-o-alaikum w.w

Since i gave my matric exams i feel that my lucky number is 9 coz my matric exams started on 9th March, my roll number was 69380 & after that in first year it was 19351 also i got 10000rs prize in a draw also it was 9th of the month. So nine (9) is been a lucky number of mine. You can also calculate your lucky number here from this file attached here



7 Responses to “What iz Your Lucky Number?”

  1. 1 shirazi Decembro 17, 2006 je 9:20 ptm

    Mine is 5, notwithstanding the attached file.

  2. 2 Asma Decembro 17, 2006 je 10:49 ptm

    hmmmmmmmm … lucky numbers … so how much you scored in class 9 … were they not lucky enough 😛

  3. 3 adorahkhawab Decembro 18, 2006 je 6:01 atm

    😉 luck is for losers j/k

  4. 4 Aks.. Decembro 19, 2006 je 7:27 ptm

    hmmm …. after calculating my lucky number from the attachment u provided i hav come to know that every number is lucky for me:P

  5. 5 Dr. Decembro 21, 2006 je 12:14 atm

    i like digit 4.nothing to do with luck…
    its superstition…so come out of it

  6. 6 Nabeel Decembro 21, 2006 je 6:31 atm

    316 .. as in Austin 3:16 .. the Rattlesnake Stonecold Steve Austin

  7. 7 jugnoo Decembro 21, 2006 je 11:57 atm

    Thank You Guys for your feed back 😀 I only believe in hard work but this post was just to have some fun.
    Shirazi Best of luck & i think 5 stands for unity 🙂
    Asma Lolz, you wont believe that in ninth class my roll no. was 9 & in maths i got 9marks out of 100. 😀
    adhorakhawabThanks & You are 50% right Lolz 😀
    Aks Chalo meri wajah se app ne numbers ka peecha to chora 😀 Lolz
    Dr. I am not superstitious but agree with you. 4 stands for Dr. + Ward + Patient + Fee Lolz 😀
    Nabeel Enjoy your luck, though you are blessed with lucky number Love 😉


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