How Rich You are?

Want a stunning reality check? Click on Global Rich List in the right sidebar. Amazing.

I’m the 824,785,999 richest person on earth! what about you?


5 Responses to “How Rich You are?”

  1. 1 Nabeel Decembro 22, 2006 je 4:49 atm

    what matters more, I think, is having a rich personality …

  2. 2 jugnoo Decembro 22, 2006 je 11:48 atm

    yup i am agreed Nabeel. 😀

  3. 3 RICHEST Januaro 22, 2007 je 12:52 atm

    I am the richest on earth i got 1000000000000000 billion $ SUCKERS

  4. 4 maryam chowdary Februaro 28, 2007 je 6:01 ptm

    i am a richest person in giving love…………………………….

  5. 5 maryam chowdary Februaro 28, 2007 je 6:08 ptm

    i think u cann’t be rich just with money you have 2 have big heart, good habits, good thinking or good thougths, respect, star, trustworthy, truthworth, or truthfull, love for everyone, forgiver,…….and ….think about it u will get the answer hopefully……. inshaallah..
    live and let live,
    sallan to all readers and everybody else. thanks 2 u all.


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