Half Promotion?

Assalamo alaikum w.w

Yesterday it was a half lucky day for me 🙂 coz i got half promotion in my company. Now you will ask me that what is half promotion? Wait! let me tell you. Half Promotion means promotion with out increment but hopefully i will get that too very soon. I got a very nice cabin & everything is wow in it. So wish me full luck that i get complete promotion. 😀 


6 Responses to “Half Promotion?”

  1. 1 Dr. Decembro 8, 2006 je 3:38 ptm

    meri b half promotion huee hay
    magar wohi ganda manda ofice..wohi ganda ward./.haan pay double ho gayee hay :)..abi akhbaar me aya hay…hath me ni aaii…

    that poem abt maan is there on my blog…

  2. 2 Asma Decembro 9, 2006 je 2:00 atm

    Oh thats really nice … congrats … to you sg too 🙂

    may this half or fll promotion beblessed too for you people …!

  3. 3 Nabeel Decembro 11, 2006 je 5:24 atm

    hmm .. a vague post but congratulations and hopefully the glass would look half full to you instead of half empty.

  4. 4 jugnoo Decembro 11, 2006 je 11:31 atm

    Dr. App ko b mubarak ho. WIsh you best of luck 😀
    Asma. Thanks for wishes & prayers 😀
    Nabeel: Thanks 😀


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