This song is sung by Udit & shayamak dawar & when ever i listen to it, i really feel good & miss my friends alot. I dedicate these words to my friends Nauman, Usman, Imran & Atif.

Dil ke yeh sada hai

Sun le mere yaar

Tum se keh raha hai

Sun le mere yaar

Yeh yaari, hamaari, rahe yeh sada

Ek doojay se hum na kabhi hon khafa

Kasam Yaari ke, Kasam Yaari ke

Is jeevan me yunhi chalte chalte

Jane kitne mil jaate hain yaar

Lakin kuch sache yaaron ka milna

Le aata hai jeevan mein bahar

Dil ke yeh dua hai

Tu jae jahan

Mann ke sari khushian tu paye wahan

Yeh yaari, hamari, rahe yeh saada

Ek duje se hum na kabhi hon judaa

Kasam Yarri ke, Kasam Yaari ke


6 Responses to “Dosti”

  1. 1 Monte Novembro 29, 2006 je 4:19 ptm

    Could you teach me something about this song in English? I’m sorry I can’t read your language; but I would like to know more about the song.
    Oh, and also, Imran, you might enjoy my most recent post called “Not of This World”. It’s kind of long, but in the middle I write about how mistaken Christian views have caused some Christians to pressure the US government to support Israel when Israel is in the wrong, and how this should change.

    I am hearing – really for the first time – some American politicians say that the US must play fair with Palestinians before it can expect any real trust to develop in the Middle East. A former US President, Jimmy Carter, was on the PBS news last night talking about how very unfair it was that US and UK appeared to support free and fair elections in the Palestinian territories, but withdrew support when people won they didn’t like. I am so encouraged to hear someone influential say this.

  2. 2 Monte Novembro 29, 2006 je 4:31 ptm

    Just found some of former President Carter’s comments at
    Hope to blog on this later.

  3. 3 jugnoo Novembro 30, 2006 je 2:26 ptm

    Monte i will translate this for you.

  4. 4 Monte Decembro 2, 2006 je 12:17 atm

    Thanks, friend! Looking forward to it!

  5. 5 Monte Decembro 2, 2006 je 6:27 ptm

    Thank you, Imran, for your beautiful translation of this song! Pakistan must be a country that treasures friends – a wonderful quality!

    And thank you for your kind words regarding my post that mentions fairness to Palestinians as well as Israelis. I have a little hope about it, for the first time in a long while, though I expect US policy will change with dreadful slowness.

    May God bless you as you bring peace to your daily life! I respect you very much.


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