I was tagged by Dr. so i have to answer these questions. so lets read my post 

Buying clothes:

 1. Do you look at country of manufacture or quality of manufacture?

A: No, i prefer the quality rather than looking for country name.

 2.Do you make sure they are natural fabrics? 

A:No, time kis ke pass hai


 3.Sunglasses, fashion or protection?

A:Protection ofcourse, jan hai to jahan hai

4.If you were a dog, would you bark or bite?

A:Bite ofcourse, aaj kal kaafi log dogs ke jaga le rahe hai.

5.Do you turn your cellphone off before going to sleep?

A:No, koi urgent call b aa sakti hai

6.You came home from out and have an hour to go before going out to meet a friend,what is the most probable thing which you’ll do in that hour?

A: I will lay down on my bed & prefer listening music which i normally do, saath main pepsi & french fries…………….

  7.What’s you favourite state of chocolate, liquid or solid?

A: Solid wo b Galaxy hazelnut

8.What would you choose..A noticeable pay hike or noticeable improvement in work environment?

A: Improvement in work environment aur pay b ho jae to “sone per suhaga”.

9.What do you enjoy more.. Staying indoors with friends talking meaningfullyor hanging around with friends outdoors?

A: a meaningful talk, but wo bahar ghumtay way be to ho sakti hay..in front of my friends building with all pals… …

10.. If all the music artists come to a deliberate agreement to perform their last concert on the same day,whose concert will you attend?

A: I am good singer 😉 ahmm ahmm, so i will prefer to get more practice for the song which i am going to compose for me through a Dj in kuwait. I dont like to attend concerts lakin agar main perform kar raha hoon to i like that hall full of people.


2 Responses to “Tag”

  1. 1 Dr. Novembro 16, 2006 je 10:06 atm

    gud job..u did it better than many…

    liked it

  2. 2 jugnoo Novembro 16, 2006 je 10:32 atm

    Thanks Dr. its my pleasure. 😀


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