Mere Haath ke lakirain

Mere Haath ke lakirain, originally uploaded by zeeimran420.

Haathon ke lakeeron main likha hai
Tera mera dil ka rishta hai
Har dadhkan yehi baat kahe
Tera mera saath rahe
After taking this photograph i was checking it in my computer & very same time this song was being heard by my neighbours. what a co incidence so i wrote these verses here along with this pic.


1 Response to “Mere Haath ke lakirain”

  1. 1 Dr. Novembro 11, 2006 je 10:08 atm

    wow…. what a co.incidence…

    n ur tagged is ur it…u have to do that post and post it on ur blog….

    and ur answers to that dengue thing is in the coments of my last post


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