I am Much Happy & Satisfied Now.

I am much happy today bcoz my brother got a good job after 3 months panic period. Thanks to my dear ALLAH who has blessed us in every moment of our lives. ofcourse my family prayers & my friends, well wishers who were praying for his job. Speacial thanks to Monte who asked me many times about my bro’s job. Thanks Monte.

Now i am feeling really well & fresh.  Now its time to go home. Bye Shy…………………………….


6 Responses to “I am Much Happy & Satisfied Now.”

  1. 1 Monte Novembro 4, 2006 je 7:18 ptm

    Wonderful! I am thanking God with you and your brother. Thank you for the privilege of being small part of it, and for the honor of your friendship. – Monte

  2. 2 jugnoo Novembro 5, 2006 je 6:50 atm

    You are always welcome Monte. Its been an honour for me that you show interest in my blog.
    keep in touch 😀

  3. 3 aullori Novembro 8, 2006 je 5:02 atm

    Very cool! I worried about your brother so I offered him up in my prayers also. I’m so glad he is working now.


  4. 4 jugnoo Novembro 8, 2006 je 6:18 atm

    Oh thanks Lori, I am really thankful to you for the prayers. God bless you.
    Imran Khan

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