For God Sake Stop This Terror!


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General view of Israeli strikes on Khiam village in southern Lebanon August 8, 2006. Israeli………..


7 Responses to “For God Sake Stop This Terror!”

  1. 1 Ali Aŭgusto 14, 2006 je 12:38 ptm

    worst people are doing this all

  2. 2 Monte Septembro 1, 2006 je 5:54 ptm

    I am an American who is greatly ashamed of my government’s uncritical endorsement of Israel’s actions. Millions of us feel the same. We are so sorry our government allows this to happen, and we pray that it will change.

  3. 3 jugnoo Septembro 2, 2006 je 6:33 atm

    Thank you very much Monte. I am impressed that you have heart to feel & a genius mind to think. People like you can change anything. Thanks again

  4. 4 Terry Oktobro 5, 2006 je 11:58 atm

    I, too, am born & raised in the United States, attend Monte’s church and until challenged by him gave little thought not only to our government’s position but even to the Arab/Israeli conflict in general. My comfortable place of ignorance is being disturbed as I come to realize the reasonableness, thoughtfullness & truth of good people on each side of such difficult issues.

    I am currently reading a newly published book – Enemy Combatant by Moazzam Begg and, although having difficulty processing the content, find I very much would love to meet Moazzam – to have him as a neighbor and friend – and express my regret for the irreplaceable years ripped from him & his family.

    I, too, will pray for your brother’s job situation.

  5. 5 jugnoo Oktobro 6, 2006 je 8:04 atm

    @ Terry: Thanx alot for the prayers

  6. 6 David ben Abraham Aprilo 13, 2007 je 10:27 atm

    Please do not even say the death mongring of the Israelis against the innocent is funny in any sense.

  7. 7 Monte Aprilo 14, 2007 je 1:02 atm

    David ben Abraham: I hope you do not have the idea that I have said such a thing. I agree with you completely, and have written several times in support of the rights of Palestinians and the creation of limits to the alliance between the American and Israeli governments.


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