Final Match, Who is the Winner?

As every one knows that today is the last day of FiFA World Cup 2006 on Sunday, 9th July.Though my favourite team Germany is already out but they cheered me up yesterday night while winning against Portugal by 3-1. So I forgot the German defeat against italy. I never wanted that Germany & Italy fight befor the final bcoz i love to see both teams playing. Anyways i was talking about today’s match so both teams have very good preparations and both are claiming to win the Cup. If we see the strength of both teams then we can say the match will be so tough and they will do their best and referies will have to be active and players will have to control their emotions. I am in support of Italy & my best wishes are with them but i am afraid a little bcoz in 1992 cricket world cup Pakistani captain Imran Khan was playing his last match and he announced that he will be retired from cricket after winning the World cup & it happened, and the same situation we are having here. French captain Zaidan  is playing his last match and he is claiming to get retired after giving a gift to french nation for 2nd time in the french football history.Will he be able to write his name in Golden words in the history of france. Even yesterday french player Amelie Mauresmo won the Wimbeldon Tennis and it was the 2nd win ever for france in the Wimbeldon. Tennis (Amelie Mauresmo of France celebrates with the trophy after winning the Ladies Singles Final. (Action Images / Jason O’Brien).It means luck is working for france.

So having noticed this win for 2nd time, i am having something confusing in my mind about today’s football match. Let see what i am analysing and what both teams are going to do in the ground. So you guys wait and watch that football Word Cup goes to whom.Who is having a Lucky day and who is having Bad day.


3 Responses to “Final Match, Who is the Winner?”

  1. 1 zohaib Julio 9, 2006 je 1:30 ptm

    Italy will win Mr.Jugnoo, dont worry

  2. 2 Justin Julio 9, 2006 je 1:39 ptm

    absolutely EVERYTHING is happening atm in the sports world! Everything’s starting to wrap up.

    Great post.

    oh and btw, thanks heaps for your comment. I do try to write something new each day. I pride myself on new content each day. glad u like it!

  3. 3 MaxSpeederIAM Aŭgusto 22, 2007 je 10:34 atm

    A great read, very informative
    Been looking for a blog like this one for a while
    Keep up the good work.



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