A Poor turns into Criminal..Who is responsible?

Today i am writing about a very serious and non solveable matter or should i say that no one has taken a step ahead to finish this from the world.Last night i was watching a programme on an international TV channel, there i saw that poverty is increasing day by day and people have less sources to fulfill thier daily demands even in some parts of the world people have no money to eat meal even once a day.Why is this? Because prices are rising day by day and no one is there to provide the sources to people.Rising prices are forcing people to do what they never wanted to do like street crimes ( This crime is the most increasing so far ), robbery, kidnaping and many more.There will be a time when no one will feel himself safe.You may noticed or not but if anyone does take notice around,will come to know that now a days beggers are free flowing on the roads everywhere.So who is going to think and solve this matter.I just want to say that this world does’nt need wars but Aid, Donations and Peace.


3 Responses to “A Poor turns into Criminal..Who is responsible?”

  1. 1 Michal Julio 3, 2006 je 12:54 ptm

    hey dude you are right…………….


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